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Subscription Features

The services at CyclesPage.com let you keep an online record of your past menstrual cycles, view predictions of your upcoming menstruation and ovulation dates, and know when you are most likely to be fertile.


This website was created as a general tool to assist in recording and forecasting menstrual cycles. Please read our Terms of Service for specific information regarding this website including our privacy policy. At CyclesPage.com we value your privacy. No information from your account will ever be shared or sold to anyone.

Menstrual Tracking

A CyclesPage.com account gives you access to the full set of CyclesPage.com features. With it, you enter the dates that your menstrual cycle begins using our fast-and-easy interface. CyclesPage.com mathematically projects future mentruation and ovulation dates for as long as 5 years into the future, and calculates the average length of your menstruation cycle.

Fertility Information

The CyclesPage also allows you to keep close track of your cycle by allowing you to record additional data including:

  • basal body temperature,
  • cervical mucous consistency,
  • headache
  • cramping
  • depression, and
  • irritability

These additional data fields greatly increase the accuracy of menstruation and ovulation predictions, as well as giving you a better idea of what's happening during each part of your cycle.

Email Notification

Discreet notification via email of your menstruation/ovulation cycles is also available to all subscribers. If you choose, CyclesPage.com will notify you automatically up to 5 days before or after the predicted date of menstruation, ovulation, or both.

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Summary of Features

List of Features at CyclesPage.com
CyclesPage.com Feature Available?
Keeps records of the start of your menstrual cycle each month
Predicts menstruation and ovulation dates for up to 5 years in the future
Calculates the average length of your menstruation cycle
Keeps records of your basal body temperature (in °F or °C)
Keeps records of cervical mucous and menstrual flow
Keeps records of the severity of cramps, headaches, depression, and irritability
Allows you to record personal notes for each day of your cycle
Provides email notification either before or after your predicted menstruation date
Provides email notification either before or after your predicted ovulation date
Allows you to change the length of your period from the default 5 days
Cost per month:

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